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Pokawa is the name proudly borne by each of OUR RESTAURANTS throughout France and the world.

And yes, our pokies have travelled as far as Medellín, Colombia and will soon arrive in Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland...

Founded in 2017, Pokawa was created by an inseparable pair: Samuel Carré & Maxime Buhler. Having travelled the world, they discovered the famous poké and decided to export its exotic flavours to the French capital.

Does Pokawa mean anything in Hawaiian? No, not really. It's simply a contraction of POKE and HAWAI. And bang! POKAWA! Isn't that clever?


Poké what?

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E'ai kāua!

Even better than "bon appétit", Hawaiians say "let's eat!"

At Pokawa, we've embraced the Hawaiian love of life by spreading good vibes throughout our restaurants.

We do our best to make sure that every bite of your poké takes you to the coconut grove!

An opportunity to put on your best swimming costume and come and visit us at your nearest restaurant!

And if you prefer to stay in your sofa, you can order your pokés online (available on our website, our app, Deliveroo, Uber Eats...)

A strong brand identity

POKAWA has a real digital strategy. We transmit our lifestyle and our philosophy through social networks. We collaborate with many national and local influencers around strong values: eco-responsibility, generosity, proximity with customers.

POKAWA is now the most followed poké brand in the world with 205k followers on Instagram and 450k followers on TikTok.


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